Off-Site SEO

                Search Engine Optimization has many factors in the google algorithm. What most people do not know is that the majority of where a website appears in the search ranks comes from outside of that website. We refer to this as offsite. Offsite content accounts for about 66% ( of the total search rank for any given website. The best way to gain establish trust and authority to google is to be noticed on other trusted and authoritative websites. For example, how would I come to trust a new sports website? If ESPN (a website I already trust) links to a new website, then I will also give that new website the same credibility. However, not all links are created equal.

What determines the quality of a link? The best links are generated by trusted sites, with related material. High quality links will come from high quality sites. Diversity is also helpful for generating more link. There is a law of diminishing returns if you receive multiple links from the same domain. Strive for links from as many different domains as possible.

Common ways to develop these back links include ideas such as creating blogs about topics related to your website and mentioning them in the blogs. Articles can be created in a very similar action. Comment sections of other blogs/articles could also list your website off an already established website. However, one thing to avoid is what is called, “reciprocal links”. These can be two-way, or three-way link circles that result when websites link back and forth to each other. Reciprocal links are devalued so keep that in mind.

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