Michigan Dearborn Onsite SEO Techniques


Onsite, or “On-page” refers to any code, data, or writing that sits on your webpage. Onsite data refers to about 33% of the variables within googles search algorithm (https://moz.com/blog/local-algorithm-relevance-proximity-and-prominence). As a result, this content on a specific webpage can be beneficial, or detrimental to a page’s search optimization. We will examine more onsite SEO while trying to move up the search rankings for the term Michigan Dearborn onsite seo techniques.

Positive Onsite SEO

Positive attributes of On-page content can include something such as a few keywords. These keywords that show google what your page is about. Some of these specific keywords, usually in the form of headlines or titles should sum up your webpage. They should also sum up the information that can be found on it. They should be related to the topic of your website but avoid being repetitive which would risk google viewing it as spam.

Negative Onsite SEO

Therefore, Onsite material can also be viewed as negative. Materials that raise a red flag to google will often demote your page in search engine listings. Red flags can be many things. Lack of proper paths and flow will cause google to view a webpage as crowded or stuffy. A website could include too much repetitive material and google label it as spam. Spam is one possible red flag. Another red flag is Cloaking. Cloaking is having such things as white text, on top of a white background.


There are five important tags to have on your website to help draw positive search engine optimization results. A title tag, meta tags, img tags, alternative link tags, and keyword relevancy tags in your content. Overall, original content is the most important thing. Above all Google wants to send people to the authoritative figure for whatever they are searching. The goal is to post unique, original content. That along with everything else we have discussed will lead to the best possible search engine results. Hopefully we will be high in the rankings for our Michigan Dearborn onsite seo techniques goal. After that the next step to work on is keyword research. Find more about that here at http://mikesdigimarketing.com/keyword-research.